Diet and Nutrition. (Fight life style diseases.)

Have you ever thought of the expression what you are or what you eat. Doctors and dietitians plus nutritionist tell us that what we eat and how we prepare our meals can affect how we look, we feel and how long we may live.

Have ever thought of what you eat and how you prepare eat. Food has caused a number of rapant life style diseases that have became common in the society now days. For example, diabates, ulcers, blood pressure, stroke, cancer, heart attacks. These are not causes by germs or virus, we manufacture these disease ourselves in the kitchen.

1. What we eat. What we eat or what we put in our body lead to these diseases. Now days 14 year old children die of those diseases, this is because we usually give them disease in food at an early stage. You can find an under age person dying of stroke, having heart failures. These disease are not got from contaminated food but what we eat. We eat alot of fat, oils and sugars.

2. How we prepare our food. The main part where we manufacture these diseases is the kitchen. We use oil to prepare our food. But did you know that when oil is heated, it is turns into acid. This causes alot of fat in the blood vessels. The blood veins have the inner most soft later cold the intima. When fat moves in the blood it clots on the sides of veins. It contains calcium, this is the hardest part of the body. Calcium is makes the bones and teeth strong. Imagine it’s in your arteries that transports blood in the body. Remember the heart will never stop it’s purpose of pumping blood, so when your arteries are blocked, or have a small space this leads to stroke and paralysis in us, This is all caused by what we eat and how we prepare our food.

Let’s make the kitchen a clinic to fight those diseases. We spend alot on them forgetting we can even reverse it by just knowing how we prepare our food. These diseases can be cured and prevented you just need to know how you prepare your meals.

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Maintaining ones beauty is what everyone loves. I want you to imagine, if someone got hot water and poured directly to your face what would you protect first. People judge the appearance mostly. Do you like to leave and expression that will trigger everyone, then I have some products best for you.

1. Perfumes. Sprays and perfumes leave most people with questions. If you say near a person who had a bad odour what would you do. I would perfumes usually give us a sense of publicity that most people love it to smell your time.

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1. Skin care products. These are products that enable your skin to look clear and sparkling. They are cosmetics, make-up, anti aging pills and others. One of them is this powder that you can use and stay young it’s one of the best

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Dark spot removal in your face. The skin is an outer layer but it stays with dark spots due to the environment we are in, scars after wounds or even what we apply on our skins. This is the best dark spot removal that I would say you use it’s great and nice. You see changes in a short period of time.

This is also another dark spot removal around your knees, under the body, elbows and private areas.

Placenta cream. It helps with dry, itchy and rough skins. It moistures them and makes them soft. It’s a nice cream that is visible to the body and skin with aloe and vitamin E.

Lucenbase is an Acne scar remover, it moistures the skin. It’s an hydraulic oil that enables your skin have it’s natural color maintained greatly.|B0928W9FF4&encoding=UTF8&linkCode=ib1&tag=azubacorporat-20&linkId=ab0806cdbf8fe39b615134c5ac7222ed&ref=ihub_deals-promotions_bd9b519e

Deep cleaning oil.

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Beauty usually is a wide thing. For you to have a great beauty you must take care of yourself, this can’t just happen, you must have beauty and personal care products. Usually there many stores selling all these but sometimes people fail to get them due to reasons best known to them. Am going to break for you some stores that have the best products found on both clickbank and Amazon.

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Usually to have a good skin you must also have a great eating habits and keeping fit this is when exercise comes in and eating very well, avoiding eating fatty foods and many more. You also must maintain your body shape through exercising. Diet and Weight loss tips visit this store.

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Weight Loss products.

Having alot of weight affects people and also can cause diseases. I should say we must have a little minimal weight. And usually people love losing weight. I have a products that can help you in losing weight to what you love most.

There are tablets, that you swallow and they help you reduce fat. Look at the image below and choose what you want.

This is an ancient Japanese tonic that helps you melt your belly in a shortest time.

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Health products that improves and heals some diseases.

Now days the rate at which people get sick is high, so usually people fail to to and also attend to there health. Health is what we must look after always. Whenever your health is deteriorating the at which you will work or your life span decreases. I will explain each product thats nice for you and can help you work and improve your health.

1. Exercise and fitness tools. Exercising is one of the most reccommeded method to have a healthy body and health mind. When ever you exercise you prevent over 6 diseases from attacking you. Like diabates, heart attack, kidney failure and Mani more. Doctors prove that exercising is one way one can prevent diseases that attack delicate parts of the body.

You can jog, attend yoga, dance classes or gym but also you can have a home gym or at your office get some of these equipments 👇👇👇

FIRST aid kit. Have a first aid kit in your how. This is one you must have, we usually have injuries at home and we fail to look after them usually these small injuries turn to real cases I reccommed you to have a 1st aid kit at your home.

Dental health. Dental products, we need to have some dental products. We consume alot of sweet things now days this makes our teeth sick sugar decays in our teeth making them sick.

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